Volkswagen Truck & Bus (MAN Latin America) at Fenatran 2017

MAN Latin America hits Fenatran with the highest number of highlights in its history

MAN Latin America presents the prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor, in addition to the New Delivery family, including its electric version 
Meet the new Robustness package, debuting in VW Constellation line, with tailor-made options for various applications combining more robustness and reduced cost without giving up comfort
Over 40 VW and MAN static and test-drive vehicles will be present in the big exhibition

With the highest number of new products in its history, with attractions from light to extra heavy segments, MAN Latin America hits the 21st edition of Fenatran, the International Road Cargo Transport Show which will be held from October 16 to 20, 2017, at the Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

The New Delivery family makes its global debut and presents the e-Delivery, its electric member, which will start operating in the country's roads for strategic clients over the next year.
Among extra heavies, the spotlight is on the prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor, which celebrates the synergy of the VW Truck & Bus group by combining MAN modern chassis and engine and the renowned Constellation cabin in the same vehicle, part of an entirely new project conceived from a partnership between the Brazilian and German engineering departments. Aimed at sugarcane and forestry operations.

The Constellation line also brings other novelties to increase production with the new 8x2 versions, in addition to the Robustness package, which combines robustness and the best purchase value for several applications, and debuts among vocational trucks Compactor, Constructor and Sugarcane.

For sensitive and optimized load, like 30 pallets, the big new deal is the VW Constellation 25.420 6x2 Tractor with complete pneumatic suspension. Comfort and drivability are the keywords for this model, which arrives with shorter wheel base, serving the 30 pallets segment with the same fuel tank capacity as the famous VW Constellation 25.420 6x2.



Prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor celebrates the synergy in VW Truck & Bus group

Model puts together MAN chassis and driving set with Volkswagen cabin, combining global solutions              
Rear shafts with hub reduction are more robust and ideal for high-performance applications in off-road heavy transport              
Brazilian and German engineering departments worked as a team in the first synergy project by holding VW Truck & Bus

MAN chassis robustness and the renowned cabin of the VW Constellation family arrive at Fenatran 21st edition combined in a single prototype: The VW Constellation 33.440 Tractor.

The project is a pioneer for intensively using the synergy of holding VW Truck & Bus, combining Brazilian and German engineering on the search for the best solution for an application in the sugarcane segment, to transport sugarcane from the field to the mill, and in the forestry segment, transporting reforested wood.

The result is a model tailor-made for off-road tracks, with high load capacity, chassis robustness and comfort in operation.

It also features rear shafts with hub reduction, which makes this prototype more robust and ideal for high-performance applications in heavy transport.

The MAN D2676 engine generates 440 hp and 2,200 Nm torque. It features 16-speed ZF automated transmission. The 515-liter fuel tank capacity is appropriate for operation and it features a 125 ton CMT (maximum traction capacity).

There are brake drums in the front and rear wheels, extending durability in dust and dirt tracks, with the safety of the ABS (which keeps the wheel from being blocked and sliding off when the brake pedal is abruptly stepped on), EBD (works combined with the ABS system and its function is to distribute the braking force among the vehicle wheels), ATC (which keeps the wheels from sliding) systems and EasyStart, to aid starting in gradient.

Bulletproof comfort: VW Constellation 25.420 is presented with pneumatic suspension

Pre launch was conceived for sensitive and optimized load, with 30 pallets                 

Its advantages are production and load volume increase

VW Caminhoes e Onibus brings a great novelty for sensitive and optimized load with the prelaunch of the VW Constellation 25.420 with pneumatic suspension.

With full air rear pneumatic suspension, it features eight airsprings with electro-pneumatic suspender of the auxiliary shaft and electronic level control system. The result is a vehicle ideal to supply the sensitive load demand, which needs more comfort during transport.

Another news included in this set is the Pusher-type support axle, placed in front of the drive axle, and wheel base of2,800 mm to supply the 30 pallets demand for the semi-truck setting with three conventional or spaced shafts.

Even with smaller wheel base, the option with pneumatic suspension presents the same fuel tank capacity of the renowned VW Constellation 25.420 6x2 (615 liters), ensuring best productivity.

It features a 420 hp and 1,850 Nm torque Cummins ISL engine. Automated 16-speed ZF transmission and the GCWGCW (Gross Vehicle Combined Weight) reaches up to 53 tons or 57-ton maximum tractive force.

The vehicle also features an onboard scale, a system that reads the load on axles, presenting the values on a display installed in the drivers cabin.

In addition to reading the load on axle, the vehicle also offers the driver with aid options during operation, such as optimizing vehicle traction, load distribution on axles and adjustment of the height of the fifth wheel to make tractor-trailer coupling operations easier.

VW Constellation 17.280 Tractor increases efficiency with version 4x2 without Adblue

This headline is the only truck-tractor in the market that doesn't require Adblue, featuring MAN D08 engine with EGR system              

Model reduces the cost per ton carried.

The great competition of the market segment makes load carriers search more and more for efficiency in operation. Currently, one of the fastest-growing applications is the use of 4x2 truck-tractors coupled with two-axle semi-trucks for segments like general load, dry load and agricultural products. To supply this increasing demand in the market, VW Caminhoes presents the Constellation 17.280 Tractor.

The launch is versatile and offers many advantages to the client, being the main one the engine MAN D08, which doesn't require Adblue only truck-tractor in the market with this characteristic. With 280 hp, the propeller features Common-rail injection system: The most modern, precise and simplest, with the least complicated maintenance procedures.

The high maximum torque in a wide rotation range offers less speed shifts and easier serviceability.

The manual transmission with 9 synchronized speeds ensures the best conditions to find the most adequate speed for each operation situation and increases fuel savings.

Another highlight is the EVB cylinder head brake, reducing the need to use service brakes, maintenance costs and, at the same time, increasing safety in operation and durability of the service brakes components.

The vehicles running weight is reduced, with the advantage of increasing load capacity transported by run and reducing the cost per ton transported.

Constellation family debuts Robustness package, with new looks and ready for heavy work

The Constellation family debuts the Robustness package, which gives the models a makeover and increases their vocation for heavy work with the best purchase cost.

Available from January 2018, the Robust package joins the renowned Trend and Prime lines. Available for the version Constellation Extended Cab, it brings the robustness required by those who need a truck with durability and low investment cost.

Thanks to the new short and metallic bumper design, the Constellation Robustness models will have bigger entry angle, which increases their ability to face the most challenging tracks.

The Robustness package will be available for the Constellation Line, models 13.190, 15.190, 17.190, 17.230 and 23.230.

The Vocational Family will also feature the Robustness version for Compactor, Distributor and Constructor Constellation 17.260, 24.260 and 26.260 lines, in addition to 190 and 230 hp versions. 

VW Constellation 15.230 4x4: traction used in the military segment debuts in the civilian market for mixed and off-road applications

The clients asked for it and VW Caminhoes heard them: Originally developed for military operations, the trucks with 4x4 traction now hit the civilian market, with the VW Constellation 15.230 4x4.

Stressing robustness, load capacity and versatility to run in almost any type of track, the model is equipped with MAN D08 225 hp and 850 Nm torque engine, as well as manual transmission by Eaton. Its ability to take on any challenge comes to life with a rear shaft with locking differential, a system that can be actuated by a button on the panel, to aid in low-adherence tracks, in addition to tires specific for full traction.

Focused on offering the best TCO, VW Constellation 30.280 V-Tronic gets standard 8x2 traction

The Constellation family is extending the total number of models with standard 8x2 traction. After the 30.330, now it is the 30.280’s turn to also become an original 8x2, aimed at medium and long-distance road applications.

VW Caminhoes e Onibus increased its portfolios to supply the market's demands for vehicles with more load carried per run, in addition to rigid trucks migrating from version 6x2 to version 8x2. The result is an increase in productivity, essential for the operations profitability.         

Constellation 24.330 and 30.330 V-Tronic: more GCW for more productivity

Two VW Constellation models debut at Fenatran to boost productivity: The 24.330 and the 30.330 V-Tronic, both presenting Total Combined Gross Weight (GCW) of 45 tons. Also, this update opens new applications in the 6x2 version: The model now can operate rigid truck + trailer configuration.

Available in three cabin versions, the models are equipped with 334 hp and 1,450 Nm torque Cummins ISL 330 engine, and V-Tronic automated transmission, 12-speed ZF.     

Vocational line Compactor makes advances in passenger comfort and operational cost reduction with pneumatic rear suspension

The Compactor family, the most complete residue collection line in the market, takes the lead in operational comfort with the launch of the pneumatic rear suspension for the model Constellation 17.260, in addition to the version 8x2 for 19 m3 compactor box.

In addition to making advances in driver and passenger comfort, the novelty offers reduction in operational costs thanks to the increase in rear suspension system durability in the rugged asphalt of big cities, lower maintenance cost, more control and better load distribution and online weighing availability.

The Full Air suspension system allows controlling load distribution for the axles and measuring the collection, in addition to improving the vehicle’s drivability and comfort. This is possible because of ELC (Electronic Leveling Control) technology. This technology performs suspension parametrization and allows monitoring load at collectors, distributing this load over the axles and controlling its weight via onboard computer.

With this, it is possible to increase the durability in the suspension system and tires and accurately control overload or underload, thus making the fleet more productive.

The technology is available for models Constellation 17.260 4x2 and 8x2 and Constellation 24.260 6x2. Also, there is the brand new Robustness Package, which brings the robustness required by anyone who needs a truck with durability and low investment cost.

All this with features that are already established in the market: seat for three passengers, now with head rest, automatic transmission, front shaft with reinforced edges and suspension, rear shaft reinforced with simple ratio, version 6x2, vertical exhaust system, among others.

Civil construction gets two vehicles ready for work: Constellation 32.360 V-Tronic and Constellation 24.260 Constructor Dumper

The great novelty of the construction segment has a name and is more than enough qualified for the job: The Constellation 32.360 arrives with V-Tronic automated transmission, rear shaft with cubic reduction and also supplies for the 6x4 off-road segment. Also ideal for earthwork, it is equipped with Cummins ISL 360 engine, with 360 hp and 1,600 Nm torque. It also features 16-speed ZF automated transmission.

It is equipped with brake drums repositioned to the upper part in the rear axle. Thus, its durability in dust and dirt tracks is extended, with the safety of ABS, EBD and ATC systems, in addition to EasyStart to aid in gradient tracks.

The Constellation 24.260 Constructor Dumper is another distinguished newcomer: A 6x2 aimed at earthwork and mining support operations, with metallic bumpers, new engine calibration, Eaton transmission box, rear shaft with double ratio and mixed-use tires. It is an operation entry truck, tailor-made for application with the best operational cost in the segment.

Field worker: intended for the sugarcane segment, Constellation 31.330 debuts ten-speed transmission

Supplying the demands from the field, VW presents its newest representative in the sugarcane segment: the VW Constellation 31.330, with unforeseen and exclusive ten-speed Eaton FTS gearbox.

With several customizable items, this is one of the most complete vocational trucks and it also perfectly supplies the severe sugarcane harvest demands, as well as being able to perform specific support applications, like fire-extinguishing and others.

Its robustness package is composed of over 20 items, among which: Front grid, radiator protector, tail light protector, acclimatizer, power plug, rear linkage, mains switch, rear mirror extension and others.


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