New Volkswagen Lavida at Auto China 2012

The New Lavida – world premiere in Beijing

Lavida makes debut with new styling
Wolfsburg / Beijing, 23 April 2012
In a world premiere at Auto China 2012, Shanghai Volkswagen is presenting the New Lavida. The new saloon, which was developed and completely re-styled in China, follows in the footsteps of the highly successful previous model. Launched in June 2008, the Lavida quickly took charge in the A-class car market based on its excellent strengths – with a cumulative sales volume of 300,000 units in just two years. Since then, its market performance has been overwhelming. It took just one year to double its sales volume, which exceeded 600,000 units in September 2011, making the Lavida one of the best-selling models in Chinese automotive history. Incredibly, just four months after the sales breakthrough of 600,000 vehicles, cumulative sales of the Lavida topped 700,000 vehicles in January 2012.

To satisfy the different needs of consumers, the New Lavida was destined to be born in 2012. It is a perfect product of classic Volkswagen design and Chinese market wishes. The design language of the New Lavida conveys a strong sense of styling. The New Lavida is expected to set the new benchmark in the domestic A-class car market with its newly sculpted body, advanced technology and market reputation.
The face of New Lavida – with its excellent Volkswagen design and modern Chinese aesthetic elements – shows clean styling, and its body lines are sharp. Its overall styling fully embodies powerful, contemporary and sporty design principles.
Styling of the front end was based on the latest Volkswagen design criteria, highlighting its strong and original character. The horizontal elements of the grille give the car a balanced and stable appearance. When the car is viewed from the front, the upper grille joining the headlamps projects a powerful look. The high-gloss chrome of the latest design language also make it precise. The parallelogram design of the grille features both dynamic and stable elements that reinforce its robust and vigorous style. Vertical elements were introduced inside the chrome grille, and its exquisitely carved details not only make it look powerful, but sturdy and contemporary as well. The chrome ‘two wings’ design elements give the car a sophisticated, challenging and spiritual face.
In side profile, the body of the New Lavida body exhibits clean lines and shapes. Its concise three-dimensional waist line emphasizes the car’s length. Extending the waist line all the way to the rear light also gives it a more horizontal and sporty look.

The New Lavida’s rear design expresses the Volkswagen ‘design DNA’. The styling of new rear lights is sharp and compact. The Volkswagen Group’s latest design language is superimposed on the rear lights and interspersed throughout its internal structure. Its well-organised ‘L’ shaped lighting group shows visual harmony and adds to the car’s technical look.


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