New VW Constellation 24.280 Meets EURO V Emissions

Volkswagen Constellation 24.280 exceeds expectations and is even better than its predecessor

How to Succeed a bestseller? MAN Latin America, a manufacturer of trucks and buses Volkswagen, VW Constellation truck has 24,280 ADVANTECH that meets the new emission standards for pollutants in the country, Proconve P-7 (equivalent to Euro 5). And with the time attributes of its predecessor: the VW Constellation 24.250, Brazilian champion of sales for four consecutive years. The results for the Engineering of MAN Latin America in thousands of kilometers of testing show that the customer will feel the difference, and for the better.

"We tested our new truck compared to its own predecessor, it could only do so with the best in the market. The result exceeded our expectations, because this segment demonstrated that our powertrain technology will be a great benefit to fleet owners and independent carriers, "said Ricardo Alouche, Director of Sales, Marketing and After Sales of MAN Latin America.

The VW Constellation 24280 is equipped with the new MAN D08 engine with six cylinders - more economical, quiet and robust, in addition to already being manufactured in Brazil. It has 30 horsepower more than its predecessor, has a maximum torque of 1,050 Nm (the largest category) and a broad torque range plan of 600 rpm. It is the only technology equipped with the category EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), which eliminates the need and cost of a particular additive, the Arla 32. Another advantage provided by the EGR is the ease of adaptation to different types of chassis encarroçamentos because the model does not require a tank urea.

Ruggedness, comfort and productivity

Other mechanical and electronic elements have been refined to ensure a longer life of components and improve the performance of the new truck. A new ZF gearbox was introduced with nine gears in the vehicle, driven out and servoassistência, making gear changes easier and accurate. The VW Constellation 24,280 now has a sensor to protect against errors during the operation levers are pressed simultaneously, preserving the entire powertrain. Besides the engine brake head - EVB with approximately 200 horsepower, the entire brake system was improved with the addition of a coalescing filter.

The VW 24,280 ADVANTECH presents changes in the design of internal and external cabin, with new and more modern colors, while maintaining comfort items from its predecessor as the steering column with multi-adjustments, the autopilot and the auxiliary mirror for maneuvers. The news arrives with double mirrors and brake head as standard. The driver's area has been redesigned to provide greater comfort and ergonomics, and now MAN Latin America is the only automaker to have banks as an option for three passengers.

The panel of all models ADVANTECH is more modern, with new vehicle functions, especially the indicator of the life of the fuel filter and indicator gear selected. All with better resolution and easier to read. "Also in January, we began an extensive program of regional launches line of Advantech, with particular attention to the 24,280 VW. We also hear the views of drivers who have tried the product, and the positive feedback we are very confident in its success, "adds Alouche.

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