Exposed: Volkswagen Passat B8 and New Midsize Coupe

Readers welcome back to VW News Blog which I have relabelled quidnunc translates to whats new?

Spy photographers in China have caught the New Midsize Coupe production prototype a week after it debuted at Auto China. This vehicle will be built in China by Shanghai Volkswagen with many of the Golf 7 engines (read EA211). From what I've read on the internet the production NMC will debut at Auto Guangzhou later in the year, so stay tuned for that info when it is released. Have a look at the photos below and tell us what you think.

B8 Magotan aka Passat for the rest of the world readers completely caught with no covers in China !!! This is either a very Secret Agent type photographer able to get the pictures or a very serious leak within FAW Volkswagen's ranks. While not much has changed the evolutionary design from the pictures captured show very clean lines and an upmarket interior. I do like what VW designers have done with the exhaust flowing into the rear bumper. We will most likely have to wait until the third quarter before much information is revealed on both NMC and B8 Passat.

FAW Volkswagen B8 Magotan

Shanghai Volkswagen New Midsize Coupe

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