Brazil: Volkswagen presents two-door version of the up!

The following is a press release from Volkswagen Brazil translated by bing translator.
The new 2 door up! in Brazil debuts the new SQ100 automated manual transmission called I-Motion in Brazil.

•Novelty strengthens excellent cost-benefit relation of the model, priced from $ 26,900
•up! new transmission I-Motion debut, making it the most affordable model in the country between the equipped with automatic operation Exchange
•With the side all new and bigger glass area, model style became more sporty and "clean"
•Compact Volkswagen is the safest, most economical and with the best index of reparability of Brazil

Volkswagen of Brazil presents the version with two-door body shell of the up!, which reaches to the Brazilian market only three months after the four door option to complement the model family. With suggested retail price from $ 26,900, the up! two-door is $ 2,000 cheaper than the four-door, emphasizing its already excellent cost-benefit ratio.

The up! two-doors will be available from this month in more than 630 Volkswagen dealerships across the country take up versions! and move up! – which has MSRP of $ 28,300. The options high up!, black up!, white up! and red up! remain with only offer four-door body.

The model also debut the new transmission I-Motion (SQ100), which makes the model equipped with automatic operation exchange more accessible in the country. The up! also becomes the first vehicle with engine 1.0 l of sequential automated transmission in Brazil. The feature is optional from version moves up! two-door.

Look more sporty and "clean"

As well as the four-door version, the design of the up! two-door sold in Brazil had to be rethought, so that the model can meet the needs of various types of consumer. The result was a style even more "clean" and sports. The whole side is new, with larger glazed area, and, in the interior, were implemented features to improve ergonomics.

In relation to the European model, the up! two Brazilian ports is longer (6.5 cm), making it possible to increase the rear Windows. To do this, the entire column "C" (on the back of the car) had to be reworked.
The Windows have a larger purpose: to expand the field of view of the passengers, improving the visibility of the back seat of a car (even a child can look out the window) and, consequently, increase the incidence of light inside the car. In addition to these benefits, the larger window is under the impression that the car is longer still.

The column "B" (in the centre of the car, after the doors ooze) is not apparent, making the lateral vision up! two more "clean", with fewer lines. This feature, in fact, allowed the area of doors is one of the broadest category, by facilitating access to the cockpit. With larger doors, side view up! two doors has a lot more sporting appeal.

Another innovative feature is the feeder system of the "easy entry" front seats. Both in the driver's seat as the front passenger, two stems of command so that the backrest to recline: one on the right and one on the left. I.e. it is possible to hit the Bank of the hand (or by hand) that is more comfortable.
The Interior follows the same line of the four-door versions, with fabrics, colours and materials distinguished between settings. In take up!, the banks are loom "orion" grey. In moves up!, the loom "phoenix" blue, with blue Centre section and side bands in gray, giving up! two doors a finish far superior to those of the models in this segment.

Award-winning engine

The up! hits the market equipped with engine 1.0 l MPI of 3 cylinders Total Flex, EA211 family, produced in the factory of Volkswagen engines in San Carlos. Modern and economical, the EA211 engine 1.0 l R3 was elected the "engine of the year 2014", by a jury composed of journalists and engineers. The award, one of the most important Brazilian automotive industry, is organized by Autoesporte magazine, Editora Globo.

This is the most powerful engine of category, with block and cylinder head made of aluminium, which is working to reduce the weight of the set, and four valves per cylinder. The engine offers technologies like the cold starting system "e-flex", which dispenses with the auxiliary fuel tank (ABS).

Its potency is of 82 horsepower when fuelled with 100% ethanol and 75 HP with 100% gasoline in the tank. The maximum torque is 10.4 kgfm with ethanol to 3,000 rpm and the same rotation kgfm 9.7, when fuelled with gasoline. Now from just 2,000 rpm 85% of the maximum torque is available, which gives it great agility in urban use and safe speed on the road resumed.

EA211 1.0 l engine can be combined with the MQ200 manual transmission or consecrated to the new automated SQ100. In both cases, the relationships are long, allowing the engine in revolutions lower, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions reduction.

This feature helps to make up! one of the vehicles with lower fuel consumption in Brazil, with an "A" rating on the Brazilian labelling Program Run from INMETRO (reference January/2014).

The fuel tank has 50 litres capacity, which gives it great autonomy.

New I-Motion Exchange

The up! offers, from version moves up!, the new transmission I-Motion (SQ100). The box uses electromechanical actuators, which collaborates for smaller size and weight. With approximately 30 kg and 120 Nm of torque capacity, the new box is one of the lightest ever built and its development had as goals: comfort, accuracy of responses, efficiency, low weight and pattern of Volkswagen maintenance.

Through the new lever without cables ("shift by wire") in the console the driver selects "D", "M", "N", "R. In automatic mode "D", the box selects the exchange points that best meet criteria for fuel economy, comfort and safety.

The management software of transmission was done in partnership with Porsche, the maps were drawn from the data of engine efficiency and of urban streets, being adapted to the needs of the Brazilian consumer.

If necessary, at any time, it is possible to change the gear selected by TCU manually, by means of the lever, moving it lengthwise (back and forth). In other words, even though it is running in automatic mode, to TCU always gives priority to the desire of the driver. After some time, depending on the shooting conditions, the system automatically returns to manage in "D" mode. If the driver wants more sportsmanship, can select the mode "M" and change gears manually definitively. In this case, the interference of TCU occurs only in case of safety.

Relations of marches are specific SQ100 box and different from the exchange rate that the team MQ200 manual version of up!. Were implemented smaller steps between gears, in order to improve the trading at low speeds and further increase the comfort.

MQ200 Transmission

With the command cables and made of aluminium, the manual gearbox is a new version of MQ200 transmission, designed specifically for the package of up! and designed to suit the EA211 engine 1.0L.

The Starter was installed in the new position, in order to allow the vehicle's battery to stay in a lower position and away from the hood, to increase pedestrian safety. The unquestionable quality of exchange of gears.

The model also comes with the feature that indicates the instrument combined the ideal gear to be selected. As in other Volkswagen products with this feature, the command unit, ECU, continuously calculates which gear must be engaged for an economical driving, but without giving up safety, durability and comfort.

Top-class performance

The performance of the up! is worthy of top class models. With the stick (MQ200), the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h occurs in 12.6 seconds when fuelled with gasoline and in 12.4 seconds with ethanol. The maximum speed is 163 km/h (petrol) and 165 km/h (ethanol).

When equipped with the Exchange I-Motion, the up! accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 13 seconds with gasoline (E22) and 12.8 seconds with ethanol (E100). The maximum speed is, respectively, 166 km/h and 168 km/h.

The driving position is favored by the Bank "one shape", which perfectly accommodates the driver. There are also height adjustments for the driver's seat (graph) and to the steering column, which reinforces the good ergonomics of the model. The up! also has good support for the driver's left foot.
With great grip, your wheel is in a format inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle, with the straight base-high version up! the steering wheel has shiny black in colour appliques. In versions Banerjee up!, red up! and white up! There are hair extensions in chrome effect, with the name of the template.

Safer category

The up! is the first automobile made in Country input to obtain 5 stars in protecting adults and 4 stars in protecting children in the Latin NCAP, the organisation that assesses the safety of vehicles. In this way, the up! repeats in Brazil the excellent performance in safety of the European model, which highlights the high quality level of the Brazilian model.

The up! starts its history in Brazil with an important achievement. The new Volkswagen is the first vehicle in the country made entry to win the best possible qualification both in protection for adults and for children – five and four stars respectively – the Latin NCAP, the organisation that assesses the safety of vehicles.

This achievement makes up! not only the safest vehicle in its class, but one of the most efficient protection to the occupants, among all cars for sale in the country.
Security is enhanced by the offer, standard on all versions, ABS brakes with EBD, two front airbags, seatbelts with pre-tensioner and load limiter and fixing ISOFIX type ®/top tether for child restraint device (car seat).

Better reparability

The up! won 11 index on CAR Group 2014, ranking that evaluates the cost and time-to-repair of vehicles sold in Brazil after a collision. This makes the new Volkswagen Brazil automobile – the best among all study participants-71 in the question.

The Car Group is held by Brazil Cesvi (Center of experimentation and road safety). The CAR Group index compares vehicles of a same category as to the ease and the cost of your repair. Are conducted low-speed crash tests (15 km/h), with off-set of 40% on left front against a rigid barrier at an angle of 10°. The same conditions are applied to the right rear impact, according to the international standard of RCAR (Research Council for Automobile Repairs).

After each impact, it is studied the extent of the damage and the repair facility. Is made a calculation that considers the costs of repairing front and rear, replacement times and basket of parts, thus creating the index CAR Group. The index serves as a reference to insurance companies calculate insurance prices of vehicles.

Two doors in two versions

The up! measures 3.60 meters long (6.5 cm gain on the European model), 1.64 meter width (without mirrors) and 1.50 metre high (adding 2 inches). His clearances has 2.42 meters long. The total weight of the model is 892 kg, which represents a major breakthrough in the segment of vehicles in which the new Volkswagen will act.

With the two-door body up! is available in versions take up! and move up!. Since version take up! the model offers extensive list of equipment, among which stand out cleaner, window washer and defroster rear the watchman; the driver's seat with height adjustment; mirror on the passenger's Sun; rear retractable side straps and plectrums "aerowischer" – which have quieter operation, improved performance and durability, even in comparison to conventional fins of greater efficiency.

Opening the lid of the trunk is made by means of the electric lock "push button", an exclusive in the segment. His release is made by the driver's side door. The kernels of the key revolves false in case of attempted break-in.

The up! offers as optional direction with mechanical assistance "easy drive". This feature has as main advantage collaborate to fuel economy – Unlike hydraulic assistance systems, electric works only when there is demand. The wheel of up! also noteworthy, with the straight base-the format is inspired by the wheel of the Volkswagen Beetle.

Among the features offered as standard or as optional for the template is the parking sensor "park pilot". This system works by using three sensors installed in the rear fender. When equipped with sound system, the system allows graphical viewing of the vehicle on the screen of the radio.

Another highlight of the up! is the "infotrip" – on-board computer with 10 functions. The model also offers, standard on all versions, the graph height adjustment of the driver's seat "sit & adjust". When equipped with mechanical assistance for the direction, the up! also brings height adjustment of the steering column "sit & adjust plus". These features reinforce the good ergonomics of the model, in which stand out the front seats "one shape".

"s.a.v.e."-trunk with space variable trim system

The trunk of up! It has 285 litres capacity, an evolution of the European model (221 litres). With this volume, the trunk of up! is one of the largest in the category. When the rear seat backrest is completely folded, the compartment can carry cargo. 976 litres

From the series move up! is offered the "s.a.v.e."-trunk with space variable trim system, which changes the size of the enclosure and enables you to accommodate luggage of varying sizes in a simple, practical and smart.

In the upper position when the back seat is folded (operation that is completed in just a few seconds), the position of the top load floor creates a load surface almost levelled, also allows you to allocate small objects under the floor in that position. The load floor in the lower position is used if the objects especially large and bulky need to be stored in the trunk.

take up!

Take up version! It is equipped with 13 inch wheels and tires 165/80 R13, external mirrors with built-in command for manual-Sun with mirror for passenger and 12-volt outlet in the centre console. Externally, differs by mirrors and door handles in black colour.

move up!

In version moves up! the model shall bring 14 inch wheels with tires "Greens" (offering less rolling resistance), 175/70 R14 measures, rear-view mirrors and door handles in the colour of the vehicle and items such as antenna on the roof and headlamps with darkened mask. In the cabin there are details like "chrome finish effect" on the dashboard, door handles with "siberian". The trunk "s.a.v.e." is already series item from that version.

In this version the model also features the "infotrip" – on-board computer with 10 functions; instrument panel with tachometer, digital clock and outside temperature indicator.

New technology of infotainment
The up! offers as optional, to version moves up!, the "maps & more" – infotainment and navigation system. This technology, the best feature of the class is offered for the first time in the Brazilian market by Volkswagen.

It is a device with touch screen (touchscreen) that works as an extension of the radio and the on-board computer of the vehicle, also offering multimedia connectivity and navigation system (GPS), with Brazilian and maps with GPS built-in antenna, dispensing with additional devices connection. All through intuitive operation and simple to use.

Installed in the center pane of the up! and with 5-inch screen, with the "maps & more" is possible to visualize the six main functions of infotrip "graphically: Instant consumption, average consumption, distance travelled, journey time, autonomy and average speed; as an extension of the framework of instruments, displaying the tachometer and the engine thermometer; and for the ECHO function, with graphical representation of the driver's behaviour, to help you drive more economically.

"Maps & more" still has the radio functions, media-player (CD player controls, auxiliary inputs and playlists) and Bluetooth – with calls in speakerphone and transfer of agenda, including the possible pairing of both devices simultaneously. Another function of the "maps & more" is the display of system image OPS (Optical Parking System) parking aid. "Maps & more" can be removed when not in use, and can be used as a flashlight (your entire screen lights up) or even Notepad portable.


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