This 1986 Volkswagen Truck from Brazil has clocked 1.5 Million Kilometres

VW Truck: an illustrious veteran of 1.5 million kilometres

For 31 years in the fleet of São Martinho, vehicle makes history in one of the largest sugar-energy groups in the country
The VW 16.210 truck arrived zero-kilometer to the São Martinho fleet in 1986. Today, more than 1.5 million kilometers later, the truck is still in operation, transporting heavy parts from mills and supplies in general.
With 31 years of use, the vehicle is the oldest model of the fleet and has as routes the cities of Pradópolis, Ribeirão Preto, Piracicaba and São Paulo (SP), with average monthly taxiing of 4 thousand kilometers.
At the time they acquired VW 16,210, the São Martinho Group produced about 4 million tons per cane crop. Today they produce 10 million tons per crop, which is more than twice the 
initial production.
Antonio Carlos Pelizari Pinto, advisor for Agricultural Technology of São Martinho, explains why he kept the truck for so long: "We keep the truck because it has a good mechanical availability and the maintenance cost is low. It will remain in operation for as long as it lasts. For this we follow strictly with its maintenance, such as oil and lubricants exchange, battery and tires ".
The VW 16.210 that makes history in St. Martin was the forerunner of many other VW trucks: "We like the brand trucks for their performance and maintenance cost. They have met our needs well, "explains 
"The robustness is proven in Volkswagen trucks, in addition to the durability that can be extended with the help of the good mechanical care done by the customer, increasing the life of the truck in a significant way," says Caio Milani, commercial consultant of MAN Latin America.


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