From Brazil to the world: Volkswagen Trucks and Bus presents the electric e-Delivery in Germany



Brazilian technology is attraction in the Innovation Day, event organized by the Volkswagen Truck & Bus holding 

Vehicle will start operation in pilot fleets next year 

Ideal for urban deliveries, has autonomy of up to 200 kilometres 

e-Delivery reaches the market to meet the green logistics segments , zero emissions and circulation in low noise locations

The Volkswagen Trucks and Buses comes out in front again. E-Delivery, the first 100% electric light truck developed in Brazil, tailored for severe applications in emerging countries, is presented in Hamburg, Germany, during the Innovation Day, an event promoted by the Volkswagen Truck & Bus holding company. start operating in pilot fleets next year.

The power train is equipped with the new WEG AL160 electric motor, delivering 80 kW (109 hp) of power, with maximum torque of 493 Nm and Allison automatic transmission. Developed in partnership with Eletra exclusively for traction of commercial vehicles, it also has lithium-ion battery banks LiFePO4 and an range of up to 200 kilometres, according to the application and configuration of the vehicle. The e-Delivery will be available on 9 and 11 ton models as per customer's requirement.

"E-Delivery represents a milestone in the history of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses. It is a completely new platform, developed in Brazil, in the search for mobility alternatives in the cities. It definitely puts Brazilian engineering on the global technology route, "says Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of MAN Latin America. 

All this with zero emission and extremely low noise level, improving comfort in urban freight transport. In line with the reality of the market, the model encompasses two recharging options: the fast opportunity recharge, where it is possible to ensure 30% of the load in just 15 minutes, and can be carried out several times along the route of the vehicle to increase its autonomy ; or the slow recharge, which in three hours reaches the maximum load.

In the plug-in concept, the vehicle's batteries are recharged by a standard external CCS charger. Its operation is quite simple and widespread in the electrical industry. 

The e-Delivery also has a brake with three stages of regeneration, which can be adjusted according to the load condition or preference of the driver. The regenerative brake acts before the pneumatic brake, to decelerate the vehicle, recovering up to 30% of energy during braking and using it to recharge the batteries. 

The vehicle also has Eco-Drive Mode, which reduces battery consumption depending on the load condition of the vehicle, adjusting the current demand of the batteries according to the operating condition of the vehicle.

In addition to the longer charge life, this translates into longer battery and brake system life. All information on energy regeneration is available on the dashboard, which just as the internal design follows the worldwide standard of the Volkswagen Group's electric vehicle line. 

Every detail of this design was thought to deliver superior performance to the market's solutions. The engine configuration offers maximum torque even at low engine speeds to optimize urban operations. And its robust powertrain is set up for starting ramps of up to 25% and up to 30% ramps without any difficulty.

Auxiliary systems, such as air compressor, air conditioning, steering pump and water pump are in charge of independent electric motors to the traction, optimizing the traction capacity of the main engine. Shafts, suspension, chassis, wheels and tires follow the traditional characteristics and robustness of the new Delivery line, sharing common components with the platform. 

With the new e-Delivery, MAN Latin America delivers a unique product in its segment, developed with 100% Brazilian engineering, with dimensions appropriate to the VUC operation, ideal for large urban centers. The vehicle comes on the market to meet the green logistics, zero emissions and traffic in low noise locations.



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