JAC Volkswagen's first new model revealed via Patent images

This is JAC Volkswagen's first collaboration together and as reported in late December (https://vwnewsblog.blogspot.com.au/2017/12/introducing-jac-volkswagen.html) Project No.1 is a re-engineered JAC product under Volkswagen expertise.
We can see from the Patent images and spy photos, Volkswagen has had design input compared to the original iEV7S with sharper stronger lines harking back to a Teutonic design. Project No. 1 almost looks very SEAT like at the front and T-Rocish at the rear. The interior has been also given a sharper, cleaner appearance with a more Volkswagen orientated dashboard.
Not much is known as to whether this new electric brand will where a Volkswagen badge or whether this will be its own individual brand, going from the Patent images it may where a new badge.
Stay tuned....

JAC Volkswagen Project One


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