Volkswagen Reveals 4 new Chinese tailored SUVs at Touareg World Premiere

Volkswagen unveiled at the world premiere of the new Touareg four new SUV models aimed at the Chinese market. This included an extended wheel base version of Volkswagen T-Roc model built by FAW-VW. FAW-VW then revealed the Advanced Mid-size SUV which will take on the  market between the SAIC-VW Tiguan L and SAIC-VW Teramont.

SAIC-VW revealed the Powerful Family SUV a small SUV based below the Tiguan. This model will be sold in North America, South America, Russia and China. Start of production in China starts later on this year. SAIC-VW also revealed the Tiguan L plug in hybrid which will launch in the Chinese market later on this year as well.

FAW-VW Advanced Mid-size SUV

SAIC VW Powerful Family SUV


FAW-VW T-Roc (China


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