SAIC Volkswagen launches all new Lavida Plus to Chinese market

SAIC-Volkswagen brand new LaVida Plus official map released to open Lavida family new decade journey

In 2018, it is the first year of SAIC Volkswagen Lavida family to open a new decade in the domestic car market. On April 9, SAIC Volkswagen officially announced that the Lavida family will add another new member.
The new car will be named "The New Long Yi Plus." It is reported that the car is positioned in the domestic A+ mainstream car market, and has achieved a leapfrog performance in design, size space, energy efficiency, and safety performance. In the future, it will join with Lavida, which is currently being sold, to bring quality to Chinese consumers. Car life. Let's take a look at a series of official charts to see where the "Plus" is.

Takes the lead in adopting Volkswagen's latest design language to rival B-Class's "Enjoy Back Space"
The new Lavida Plus is 4670mm long, 1806mm wide, and 1474mm high, with a long wheelbase of 2688mm. The body size is comparable to the B-Class. Thanks to the increase of the wheelbase, the space in the rear row is further optimized. The seat cushion is longer by 75mm, providing more comfortable leg support and better knee performance. This has created a breakthrough for the majority of consumers. "Late enjoyment of back space" for class models.

As the first production model in China that uses the VW brand new-generation design language, the appearance of the new Lavida Plus is elegant and impressive. The front face of the new design has a strong momentum. The iconic horizontal air intake grill of the Volkswagen brand has once again evolved, and the proportion has increased, making the front face more attractive to the popular field. With the new LED lamp set, the overall shape is sharp and dynamic.

At the same time, the side of the new Lavida Plus is also a new look. With the extension of the wheelbase, the C-pillar of the new car can be moved backwards, and the outline of the roof line is also smoother; the shape of the slippery back makes the shape of the sideways body of the vehicle more dynamic, and adds an elegant atmosphere to the calmness. The double waistline design is as clear and sculptural as the headlights are horizontally extended from the headlights, reinforcing the slender body ratio and organically integrating with the rear wing lines to make the vehicle design more integrated. The lower waistline forms an elegant light-shadow effect, which makes the body surface richer and more three-dimensional.

In addition, the design of the new Lavida Plus is more rigid and has tension. The new LED taillights follow the latest design language of the Volkswagen Group. The two-piece shape is long and dynamic and extends to the side. Taillights have a variety of shapes, three-dimensional shapes, rich internal structure design, and echoes with the headlights. Hidden tail pipe shape, exhaust pipe chrome and tail chrome together as one, more highlights the grade.
Brand new interior bringing new look to ergonomic layout
The interior of the new Lavida Plus also incorporates the latest design layout of the Volkswagen brand. The precise lines are concise and refreshing. The position of the car navigation system has been raised upwards, making the operation more convenient, demonstrating the profound heritage of the Volkswagen brand in the field of ergonomics. The horizontally-through centre console enhances visual extensibility and creates a clean, elegant and space-filled sense of security. The innovative use of a decorative panel with a gradient drawing effect on the centre console makes the overall interior more harmonious and uniform. This is not just the first time that SAIC Volkswagen has used this element. It is also unique in the global automotive world. The new C-pillar triangle window and the electric sunroof with a large increase in size create a bright and transparent visual environment for the rear passengers.
Power Technology upgrades standard high-end configuration to comply with consumer upgrade trends
In addition to a new look interior design, the new Lavida Plus power configuration is also full of new ideas. It is reported that the new Lavida Plus will be powered by Volkswagen Group's new EA211 1.5L engine featuring both low-efficiency and high-efficiency. Through a number of optimizations and upgrades, the comprehensive operating conditions will reduce the fuel consumption to as low as 5.5L per 100 kilometres, significantly reducing fuel consumption. At the same time, the engine's power was increased to 85kW, achieving a perfect balance of power output and fuel economy. In addition, the EA211 1.4TSI engine currently installed on the Lavida Lambda model has been further optimized and upgraded to ensure that the fuel consumption remains the same, the maximum power is increased to 110kW, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 8.3 seconds. More powerful, passionate driving experience.
Thanks to the application of the advanced technology of the MQB platform, the new Lambda Plus features more advanced technology configurations to provide consumers with a comparable B-Class driving experience and a superior performance. The new Lavida Plus comes standard with LED lighting technology, SSR parking stop and brake energy recovery system, EPB electronic handbrake and Auto Hold auto parking function, RKA smart tire pressure detection system, rear central air conditioning air outlet and other high-end The configuration not only improves the overall appearance and practicality, but also enables the new car to have better performance and safety performance. The new Lavida Plus also offers a versatile rear view mirror with reverse down function, ACC adaptive cruise system with Stop & Go function, and AEB automatic brake assist system to meet the consumer upgrade trend in the domestic car market. In addition, the new Lavida Plus is equipped with a smart multimedia entertainment navigation system with an 8-inch colour touch screen. This system is equipped with an APP Link function, which can perfectly support the Carlife, Carplay, and Mirrorlink mobile phone mapping technologies, as well as natural voice control. Consumers can easily realize human-computer interaction by just speaking commands and enjoy a cool and smart driving experience.
As of the end of March this year, the cumulative sales volume of the Lavida family has exceeded the 3.5 million mark, making it the most popular model for the A-class car market. It is reported that the new Long Yi Plus officially listed in the first half of this year, I believe that consumers will soon be able to enjoy the new generation of Shanghai Volkswagen Volkswagen LaVida Plus this new generation of domestic car style.


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