All new MQB based FAW Volkswagen Bora Officially Revealed!

At the event site, under the screen full of science and technology and magnificent dome screen, a new generation of Polaris made a stunning appearance and won applause from the audience, bringing the whole event to a climax. As the most attention-grabbing brand of the new Polaris brand, the new generation of Bora has become the biggest highlight of the event on the day of the event with its latest factory, the latest platform, and a leapfrog product that combines seven values.

"A new generation of Bora is a new generation of Bora. It has a transformation of the rebirth level. The new car sets platform, appearance, interior, power, space, security, and technology. The seven values ​​will become one, and the product will be fully upgraded and will be given to consumers. To achieve a comprehensive leapfrogging experience.” Yang Mutian, executive deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd., said at the scene, “I believe that the new generation of Bora, built with new factories, new platforms, and new designs, will redefine high-quality A-class. The value standard for cars."

 As the latest masterpiece of FAW-Volkswagen based on the latest needs of Chinese consumers and developed exclusively for the Chinese market, the new generation of Bora was born at the new factory East China Base. Thanks to the many advantages of the MQB platform, the new car sets seven values ​​to one, product strength. It has been upgraded to achieve the greatest change in the history of the Bora brand.

Not only that, but the whole new generation of Bora has adopted a new design concept, ie, "inscribed design," and has completed a complete replacement of the true meaning of the model. "Immediately" refers to the imminent internal potential energy, which reflects the new generation of Bora's youthful vitality and enterprising spirit. "Engraving" refers to dynamic modeling and design, emphasizing the whole new generation of Bora's dynamic sculpture modeling. "Immediately engrave the design" gives the whole new generation of Bora "immediately fixed, one touch," the visual arts effect, its whole body exudes the vitality of the spray and the tension of shocking the soul, vividly demonstrates the dynamic genes and enterprising spirit of the whole new generation of Bora bones. .

 In the exterior design, the whole new generation of Bora vehicle style is particularly dynamic, atmospheric and modern. The new car has the latest family-style " " front face, which incorporates a brand-new through-type front bracket design, full of strength and stability; The low and high body design, along with the speed-sensitive through sculpture double waist line, makes the vehicle full of diving, and the three-stage tail design further highlights the power and sportiness of the new generation of Bora. In addition, the new car is equipped with new LED headlights, daytime running lights, taillights, fender side shuttles, double-sided chrome exhaust tailpipes, with the Audi A4L same paragraph of the large sunroof, with the elegant atmosphere of the luxury car shoulder design , Make the new generation of Bora every design has a unique style, make people shine.

The entire new generation of Bora interior design also has a subversive change, adhering to the driver-centric design concept, creating a humanized and comfortable interior space that combines sporty style and exquisite simplicity. The introduction of elements such as parametric technology grain-decorated door panels, high-grade leather double-collision color-matching seats and reflective indoor atmosphere lamps also conveys the sense of technology and quality of the interior space.

ot only that, in terms of space, the entire new generation of Bora vehicle is a complete leader in size. The new car is 4663mm long, 1815mm wide, and 1462/1473mm high, with a wheelbase of 2688mm, thanks to the subtle "short-hanging long-axis" design of the MQB platform. With its long wheelbase, the new generation of Bora subverts the traditional perception of “Car Captain's Space”, achieving a leading-edge interior space maximization design. The actual internal seating space reaches a leapfrog standard, allowing users to enjoy comfort and spaciousness. Driving space.

In terms of power, the entire new generation of Polaris also achieved a change in the "core", with a highly energy-efficient power combination, fuel economy has been improved again; in terms of safety, the new generation of Polaris has a large number of high-end models of safety equipment, for the entire vehicle crew Bring 360-degree intimate security; and configuration, thanks to the high-level configuration of the MQB platform down, the new generation of Bora has a luxury configuration of many high-end cars, to provide users with a better smart driving experience.

As we all know, Bora brand has been advancing with the times since it entered China in 2001. It has been continuously updated and replaced with pure German descent, fashion design and leading technology, and continues to lead the development trend of China's high-quality A-Class sedan, becoming the most sought-after by the Chinese people. German high-quality cars have won the trust of over 2.3 million families. Today, the Bora brand has ushered in the greatest change in the history of the new generation of models - a new generation of Bora.

As a brand-new model based on a brand-new factory, a brand-new platform, and a brand-new design, the whole new generation of Bora not only truly achieved the transformation of the classic car, but also increased the level of sincerity to bring consumers a full range of leapfrog experience. We have reason to believe that the whole new generation of Bora, which combines the seven values, will surely refresh the standard of China's high-quality A-Class sedan, and win the favor of more aggressive, optimistic, responsible and dreaming families. Write a new glory of the Bora brand.



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