SAIC Volkswagen's first large-scale luxury business MPV - Viloran Guangzhou Auto Show World Premiere

On November 22nd, the 17th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition opened in 2019. The first large-scale luxury business MPV Viloran, which had just released the English name, ushered in the world's first show and released some product information, showing its large scale. The large V strength of the luxury business MPV has caused widespread concern.

Viloran has the largest body size of its class, with a body length of 5.3 meters, a wheelbase of about 3.18 meters and a width of nearly 2 meters. It will also become the largest model of the Volkswagen brand. Not only that, but the new car also adopts a 2-2-3 cockpit layout, and has two-sided automatic sliding doors, two rows of executive seats with electric leg rests and double headrests, and Royal Hall-level Dynaudio audio, caring for each person. The elegance of the passengers. Viloran redefines the paradigm of luxury business with space, comfort, dignity, and administration.

As the first model of SAIC Volkswagen to adopt the new brand logo of the Volkswagen brand, Viloran presents a streamlined design style and a luxurious business atmosphere with modern aesthetics in a new design language.

Viloran's front face is designed with a popular family language and is highly visually appealing. The large-area air intake grille blends with the new headlights to create a sense of atmosphere and dignity. The horizontal lower grille shapes the dynamic streamline, and the horizontal decorative strips on both sides are stretched visually to the outside, extending the visual width of the whole vehicle.

With a body length of 5.3 meters, the Viloran body line outlines a slender and smooth side, and the submersible posture contains a dynamic charm that is ready to go. The dynamic waistline wraps the door handles of the two-sided smart sliding doors to create a sense of muscle. The lines of the roof are elegantly running through the car, creating a dynamic posture. The 20-inch super-luxury wheels feature a multi-spoke design that reflects the distinguished identity and dynamic appeal.

Viloran's tail design is simple and atmospheric, and the horizontal design elements highlight its wide posture. The Viloran logo is located below the flat logo and shows its distinguished status. The slender two-piece taillights balance the atmosphere and use the popular innovative headlight system IQ. LIGHT for a ceremonial feel.

As a luxury business MPV, Viloran spares no effort to create exclusive and exclusive travel experience for users: 60 noise reduction and noise reduction design for nearly 5mm acoustic laminated glass, flexible subframe and vertical swing arm hydraulic support to create a living room level Private space and quiet space; not only that, more than 77% of high-strength steel (65% of which is thermoformed and ultra-high-strength steel), nearly 7 meters of laser welding, double-sided galvanizing and cavity waxing anti-rust process With the help of lane-keeping, third-generation ACC adaptive cruise, TJA traffic congestion assisting system, 360° bird's-eye panoramic image and other functions, the Chinese road condition L2+ level automatic driving assistance system calmly guards every noble travel.

It is reported that Viloran will be listed in the first half of 2020. The addition of Viloran not only represents SAIC Volkswagen's entry into the luxury commercial vehicle segment but also marks the more complete luxury car matrix of SAIC Volkswagen. It will bring a new German luxury experience to the luxury commercial vehicle market. Together, it helps SAIC Volkswagen's brand to go up.