SAIC Volkswagen reveals the ID.4 X for China with different front and rear styling!

On November 3, SAIC Volkswagen's first MEB platform pure electric vehicle debuted in Shenzhen. ID.4 X is based on the world's first pure electric SUV ID.4 of the Volkswagen brand and is also SAIC Volkswagen's first MEB medium-sized pure electric SUV. The new car is positioned to create a quality benchmark sensory technology pure electric SUV, with comprehensive strength, bringing unforgettable visual experience, technologically caring interactive experience, intelligent and interoperable driving control experience, and peace of mind and comfort to the new generation of consumers. Experience and quality experience of strength inheritance.

That night, ID.4 X opened the reservation. Consumers can now enjoy the ID. High-light package, within 250,000 yuan, they can have a new pure electric SUV ID.4 X with a range (NEDC) of up to 555km, and enjoy the light speed benefits of eight-fold driving and the glory of ten-fold driving.

The design language of the new electric family is unforgettable

ID.4 X has an unforgettable super appearance. The new car adopts the latest design language of the Volkswagen brand electric car family, and reshapes the relationship between appearance, space, function and people with the "light language rhythm" design. It reflects the sense of youth, fashion and technology from the outside to the inside, leading the design of electric vehicles New Era. 

ID.4 X has the body size of a medium-sized SUV, with a length of 4612mm, a width of 1852mm, a height of 1640mm, and a wheelbase of 2765mm. From the appearance point of view, ID.4 X offers six body colors of Cyber Yellow, Superconducting Red, Ion Gray, Crystal White, Galaxy Blue, and Permanent Magnet Gold, showing a young and fashionable style. On the front face, the lines of the headlights and the front bumper outline an X-shaped pattern, highlighting the dynamic style. The upper grille adopts a new closed design. The dynamic horizontal light strip is connected to the flat light-emitting logo of the public and penetrates into the IQ. Light matrix headlights on both sides, which is very technological when lit. Exquisite flying-wing decorative strips are interspersed in the lower grille, and the changing diamond-shaped design is full of vitality and brings a smart beauty.

The car side adopts a dynamic and streamlined curved surface design, and different color-blocking trim strips are matched with the streamlined roof, and they are converging with the window line below, reducing the visual center of gravity. The rising waistline creates a diving posture for the side. The micro-touch hidden doorknob design highlights the ingenuity. The two-color refined aluminum alloy wheels are very dynamic and individual. The visual effect of the rear of the car is full and powerful, and the penetrating LED rhythmic taillights are full of technological sense while widening the visual width of the rear.

Coming to the cockpit, ID.4 X innovatively created three theme color-matching interiors, trend coordinates, elegant style, and urban passion, to fully meet the individual needs of consumers. The ID information combination instrument and the 12-inch floating central control large screen create a futuristic look. The design of the front electronic gear next to the i-ID information combination meter is full of technological charm. The front row luxurious pneumatic massage seats integrate pneumatic lumbar support, seat heating, and memory functions, demonstrating luxurious quality. Thanks to the advantages of the MEB platform, ID.4 X has a leading in-vehicle seating space, with a full-view glass zenith and more than 50 acoustic optimization measures in the car, allowing drivers and passengers to enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride. . In addition, colorful mood lights, humanized central channel design, and metal rhythmic pedals add to the driving pleasure.

Trend-leading interactive experience fully demonstrates technological care

As the leader of SAIC Volkswagen's ID. electric car family, ID.4 X has outstanding performance in human-computer interaction experience. In the digital cockpit, ID.4 X is equipped with AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display function, which projects driving information and road navigation information on the front windshield, and visually integrates with the road ahead, enhancing driving fun and science fiction. In front of the dashboard, the ID. Light language system can send out different colors of light reminders in multiple scenes such as navigation, incoming calls, voice interaction, and warnings, and keep communicating with the driver and passengers at all times. Not only that, the touch button combination all over the car is both humane and technological.

ID.4 X is like a close partner of the car owner. Its headlights and taillights can also send out the light effects of welcoming and waking up and leaving the car to sleep when the car is unlocked or locked, just like paying tribute to the car owner, full of ritual.

Always an online driving experience, enjoy intelligent interoperability

An intelligent network connection makes car life more convenient. ID.4 X is equipped with SAIC Volkswagen’s latest generation of smart car connection system, combined with SAIC Volkswagen’s super APP, allowing car owners to enjoy smart navigation, smart car control, smart entertainment, smart home, A series of online services such as smart speakers, enjoy the fun of multi-use cars. It is particularly worth mentioning that ID.4 X not only supports remote control of the vehicle by mobile phones but also the owner can use smartwatches to control the in-vehicle air conditioning, vehicle unlocking and other functions, enjoying humanity and convenience brought by technology. In addition, ID.4 X pays attention to the interconnection between people, cars and home appliances. Car owners can remotely control smart home appliances in the car. After arriving home, they can check the status of the car through the smart speaker, remotely control the air conditioning in the car, and turn on the car charging , Let the car owner enjoy the car life full of science and technology every second.

In terms of intelligent driving, the IQ. Drive intelligent driving systems on ID.4 X can assist the driver to make driving more intelligent and safer. Front Assist front safety assist system, lane departure assist, SWA lane change assist, and many other functions are available, giving the driver full confidence.

Strict electrical safety and reliable quality

Power performance and safety are the focus of electric vehicle users. The ID.4 X version booked this time is a rear-drive model with a maximum power of 150kW and a peak torque of 310Nm, which is powerful and efficient. The battery has a battery capacity of 83.4kWh, a comprehensive operating range (NEDC) of 555km, and can be quickly charged with 80% of the power within a cup of coffee through DC fast charging, which fully meets the needs of consumers for cars.

In terms of electrical safety, ID.4 X’s multi-layer battery pack adopts a 4-fold battery pack safety design and has passed 338 battery pack safety tests, far exceeding the national standard, covering collision, fire, thermal diffusion, high and low-temperature storage, and temperature Tests such as impact and salt spray tests ensure the safety of battery packs under various extreme conditions. The new body safety design and the tight protection system at the chassis reduce the risk of battery packs being impacted by the outside world.

ID.4 X was born in SAIC Volkswagen's new energy vehicle factory-built specifically for the production of MEB platform models. It benefits from the German quality craftsmanship accumulated over 30 years of car-making experience and the application of many new intelligent manufacturing technologies. The quality is trustworthy .

The heavy debut of ID.4 X represents a new era for SAIC Volkswagen to enter the pure electric vehicle market. Pre-orders for the new car are now open, and consumers can seize the opportunity to start a new pure electric SUV driving experience with ID.4 X.